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Full text of "Turkey: Report from Constantinople. Plague in the Ottoman Empire. Sanitary Measures at Djeddah and Bagdad. Plague on Steamship Moshtari"

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Julv HI, 1907 1012 

On account of the finding of dead rodents on the water front, the 
Peruvian quarantine authorities have resumed fumigation before de- 
parture of all ve-sel- which lie at the wharves. 


Report ft'um Jlanihi — Varioloid — Inspection of vessels. 

Chief Quarantine Officer Heiser reports. June 3 : 

No quarantinable diseases reported in the city of Manila for the 
week ended June 1. l'.^07. Varioloid was reported as follows: Three 
cases, no death>. 

Vessels clearing from Manila for United States ports were treated 
as follows: 

On May 2" the British steamship Momhassa. with 31 crew, granted 
a supplemental bill of health for Cebu via Iloilo, after the usual 

On June 1 the Britisli steamship Iixbrtni, with 57 crew, en route 
from Yokohama to Xew York, granted a supplemental bill of health 
after ins])ection of personnel and cargo. ^liscellaneous cargo certi- 
fied, 1'2.4-2T packages. 


Report from St. Petersburr/ — 0>ith7'eak of plague in viciniti/ of As- 
trakhan — Sanitary measures. 

The following' i^ received from Ambassador Eiddle under date of 
June 20: 

Coiiiiiniiiic<iti(iii friiDi till (■<iiiiiiiis>'ioii cxt(i1i}ixliril for tal-hif/ iiiri(fiiirr.\- iiiiaiiist 


Three cases of ])lague have been declared in the district of Ark- 
hiereiskaja. situated opposite Astrakhan. The district of Astrakhan, 
with the headquarters of the Government, as well as the stepjje of 
the Kalmyks, is declared threatened by plague. 

The cases of plague broke out in a factory in which 70 workmen 
are employed. The entire locality was at once isolated ; the sanitary 
staff was sent to the place of isolation with all the necessary equipment 
for disinfection and with all the material in use. and a thorough dis- 
infection was made. The locality outside the place of isolation and 
the adjoining districts have been divided into sections under the sur- 
veillance of ])hysicians. and a quarantine station has been erected. 

The governor of Astrakhan reports that a Cossack belonging to 
a detachment engaged in the work of isolation fell ill on May 30. with 
a high tem]iera'ture and swollen glands. 


Report from ('oiistaiitinople — Plagve in. the Ottoman Empire — San- 
itary meaxarc^ at Dieddnh and Bagdad — Plague on steamship 

The following is received from Doctor Post, American representa- 
tive on the International .^^anitary Council, under date of June 21:: 

At Djeddah. May 20. 2 cases of plague occurred (old cases, pre- 
viously reported) : on May 30. 1 new case and 1 death occurred 

1013 July 19, 1907 

among the native population. The total record for the epidemic since 
January 8, 1907. is :}(;*; cases. ?>^yi deaths. The sanitary inspector at 
Djeddah reports that the effort to get the population to destroy rats 
and mice lias proved utterly fruitless, although a premium of 2 cents 
per head was offei'ed. }lowe\er. as the result of a telegram from the 
Grand Vizier, the Governor-General and the Emir of Mecca sent a 
squadron of cavalry from Mec(^a. under the command of an energetic 
sanitary ofKcer, who in 4 days gave the streets of Djeddah a much 
needed cleaning. He has also rendered eificient help in cleaning and 
disinfecting dwellings where cases of plague have occurred. 

On jNIay 23 the steamship Moslitari arrived at Djeddah from 
Bassorah. Eight cases of plague had occurred on board during the 
voyage. It is possible that the disease was contracted at Bahrein 
during the voyage. The u-nal measures were taken for disinfection 
of vessel and destruction of rats, and no new cases occurred. At 
Bassorah on June 1 tliere was a death from plague; particulars are 
lacking. In consequence of these facts vessels arriving from Bassorah 
were subjected to five days" quarantine, from June 4 to 18. As no 
new cases occurred up to the latter date, quarantine was then removed. 

As soon as news of i)LigHe at Bassorah reached Bagdad, active 
measures were taken there. The city was divided into .3 quarters, 
each being placed under the charge of 2 special sanitary officers, with 
orders to examine the sick and report suspicious symptoms. An 
additional force of street cleaners was enlisted, and other sanitary 
measures were enfori'cd. The health of the city has been unusually 

Several recent ease> of ]jlagne at Alexandria and Port Said have 
led to a quarantine of 48 h()ur> against arrivals from these ports, this 
quarantine being still in effect. 


Re/porfa from Carofax — Quarantine against Trinidad on account of 


The following is received from Minister Russell, under date of 
June 24, through the Department of State : 

Owing to the apjjearance of several cases of bubonic plague in 
Trinidad all communication between that island and Venezuelan 
ports has been cut oft' and no mail is permitted to be sent to Trinidad 
through the post-oflice at Caracas. The minister adds that these 
sanitary measures have been in force since June 10. 

Transfer of lepers to new liospited near La Gvaira. 

Minister Russell further reports. July !) : 

The new national le])er hospital on the seashore near La Guaira 
has been completed and is now ready for occupancy. The old 
hospital in Caracas has been abandoned, and the 110 leper patients 
have been transferred to the new hospital. This transfer was made 
in the early hours of the morning, the P^nglish railway employing for 
the i^urpose old open freight cars, which were all brought back to the 
Caracas station and burned. The new hospital is a very large and 
commodious building and is in an isolated sj^ot on the seashore be- 
tween Cape Blanco and Maiquetia.